JRice Spice

Grill Spice Pack

$42.00 $47.96

This pack is perfect for all things grilled, from seafood to jerk chicken! 


The Chef’s Blend is an all purpose mix, its great on everything from fish to veggies! It has a perfect balance of saltiness and deep notes from the cracked black pepper with a hint of garlic!


New Bae is perfect for all things Seafood, grilled, baked or pan seared this blend is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and bound to replace your “old” seafood blend and become your “New Bae”


The Rub'n Smoke Blend is perfect on any meat, from salmon to a rack of baby back ribs! It has a bold smoky flavor with sweet and savory notes!


This bold and powerful blend is more of a jerk than your normal Jamaican jerk blend. The Rasta'n Jerk blend will have you asking For More! This blend is great on grilled Chicken, beef, Pork And seafood! Have fun while being a jerk!

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