JRice Spice

Collection 2.0 Pack

$42.00 $48.00

This pack includes all 4 of our second collection spices! This is perfect for anyone that loves to cook but wants to spice it up!

5 Spice

This unique Finishing Rub is great on anything Fried, Baked or Grilled! It works best on fried items, such as Fries, Chicken or even veggies! Just sprinkle on this rub before serving! Just be cautious as this rub packs a kick!

Island Blend

The island blend will transport your taste buds to a new dimension! The unique flavors of this blend complements anything seafood or pork! With the fresh ground clove and hint of pineapple you and your buds will end up on an island in the Caribbeans

New Bae

New Bae is perfect for all things Seafood, grilled, baked or pan seared this blend is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and bound to replace your “old” seafood blend and become your “New Bae”

Rasta'n Jerk

This bold and powerful blend is more of a jerk than your normal Jamaican jerk blend. The Rasta'n Jerk blend will have you asking For More! This blend is great on grilled Chicken, beef, Pork And seafood! Have fun while being a jerk!

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