JRice Spice


$42.00 $49.99

This pack includes all 4 of our first collection spices! This is perfect for anyone that loves to cook or wants to get into cooking! 

-The Chef’s Blend is an all purpose mix, its great on everything from fish to veggies! It has a perfect balance of saltiness and deep notes from the cracked black pepper with a hint of garlic!

-The Flair’ Blend will add a flair to any dish you're making! This blend has a Cajun kick that goes great with anything! Spice up your boring meals with this blend!

-The Rub'n Smoke Blend is perfect on any meat, from salmon to a rack of baby back ribs! It has a bold smoky flavor with sweet and savory notes!

-The pro sausage blend can turn any meat, fish or seafood into a breakfast sausage perfect for breakfast or a snack!

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